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Solitaire Diamond

A single large diamond is called a solitaire diamond. The solitaire diamond can be seen separate in the ring or maybe surrounded by other small diamonds which called a cluster or halo ring. It is more preferred by couples nowadays because of its lesser price and high quality.

Solitaire diamonds are all in the trend because of the personality of gathering attendance in-crowd. Celebrities are also promoting this trend by together with a solitaire ring on their special occasion. Even celebrities like Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga, Emma Watson and many more are adapted the lab-grown solitaire ring in their collection.

As compared to the small lot(melee) diamonds, the single solitaire diamond is costlier, but if you can find the genuine dealer, then you will make a lot of deduction in that cost. If you are searching for a Solitaire diamond, then you are in the right place, go for it.