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Pointer Diamonds Manufacturer and Wholesaler

  Each diamond have a 100 points in carat, a jeweler introduce a diamond comes under 1 carat as a point. like; '0.25 carats as a twenty-five pointer' or 'a 30 pointer is a diamond that weighs 0.30 carats'. Now, if you are clear about what is pointer diamonds. This pointer diamonds are available in our lab created diamonds. Store. In manufacturer wholesalers you get a various choice for your diamonds here. We also offer certification and high quality diamonds at a price that's everyone afford. For more information you can contact us. we are 24/7 available for you here.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond at Wholesale

These pointer diamonds are proceeded in round brilliant cut diamonds. We are providing you these diamonds in 2.70 mm to 3.30 mm; and 3.30 mm to 4.10 mm at wholesale price. And with SI, and VS-VVS clarity. Our diamonds have very small number of inclusion and with DEF color clarity. So get your pointer diamonds here, as per your choice and preference at wholesale price. And If you are buying a diamond from us, it cost you better than compared to others. yet with the same quality of diamonds, because we are wholesalers. Means you get the same at lower cost or in better quality. You can also get all fancy shape diamonds and fancy color diamonds here.

Small Loose Pointer Diamonds for Lab Grown Jewelry

  Don't wary about your diamonds for your jewelry. Here we are selling you a small loose diamond made in our lab. If you really want diamonds at lower cost for your jewelry. like; Rings, engagement rings, watches, bracelet, and bangles etc. We have a lab grown diamonds for your jewelry to make it more shine. Also, these pointer diamonds are used in tennis bracelet. From buying loose diamonds, you can make your own jewelry as you wish. you just have to do is decide your diamonds size and carat. After that, choose the cut clarity and color clarity of your diamonds. Select number pieces you want for your jewelry. like for watch you need some more amount of diamonds and for ring you need small amount. And just order your diamonds. and if you have any query you can contact our services center for help.

Laboratory Created Diamond for Sale

 We created these diamond in laboratory, to make it more Eco-friendly. Also, lab grown diamonds are very cheaper than compared to mined ones. and having the same chemical, physical and optical properties as they both are made from carbon. And also have the same hardness. If you choose lab created diamonds instead of mined ones, you get a better quality and color in the same price. Other than that, our pointer diamonds are on sale now! Get your diamonds from us on sale. Our lab grown diamonds have same properties as natural diamonds, and we are providing you these diamonds at much lower price. You can get a diamond at wholesale price here.